What do you hear, Joshua?

What do you hear, Joshua?
Joshua Paway, 9, wants to hear well but his right ear is undeveloped and his left also struggles with hearing.***

Joshua Paway, 9, the boy with the undeveloped right ear runs the football field like there was no tomorrow. He is now seen so happy playing and mingling with new found friends at Cordillera Goshen Land Football Club (CGFC).

Joshua is used to be by himself at school, hard up in communicating his thoughts and feelings to others because of his ear condition. He is due for ear operation next year, as two doctors earlier volunteered to help him when he is ready. Joshua was required to grow a bit more, before the operation will commence since the operation requires his chest to expand and his body strengthened to prepare him for going under the knife. CGFC volunteered to take him for fitness strengthening through football and he seems to enjoy it immensely.

What do you hear, Joshua?
Joshua’s right undeveloped ear.***

According to his mother, Joshua is really hard up in hearing as his left ear seem to be weak. His right ear was undeveloped but doctors say it could be remedied through surgery to aid him in his hearing. Goshen Land Caring Hands (GLCH) met Joshua at the Department of Social Welfare and Development Office (DSWD) in Baguio during a life coaching program conducted by the GLCH. His mother then was patiently waiting for him outside, seemingly tired. Then as she talked to GLCH, she revealed a life of abandonment–her husband left them when Joshua was a toddler and his brother who was then a baby.

Joshua’s mother takes in laundry to feed her two sons. She is just grateful her landlady allowed her and her boys to live in a small corner of the house for free. They just have to endure the water seepage inside their little space every time it rains. GLCH wrote Joshua’s story at the Midland Courier and some Good Samaritans offered to help. Hopefully, they won’t forget their commitments. Once Joshua is declared ready for operations, those who might want to help in his operations and post op care might want to contact his mother at 0926-183-9407.
***Joseph Fernandez/JD

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