The Youth Of Today

The Youth Of Today
Seedling : Aivory C. Lagto

The youth of the society have so many unexpected surprises for us. The youth also gave birth to the meaning of “a messed up generation.” Everything changed from clothing to attitude. We see 13-year olds dressing up like 20-year olds. It’s like wearing a wedding dress for a funeral. I do get it that they’re young but they should be the one getting it that they are young. Do they want us to see that the world is revolving around beauty and style now? Well that shouldn’t be the logic here. Education is everything. The youth is giving more importance to relationships and vices rather than making their studies their top priority. Knowledge is the needed tool for the youth for them to be truly the hope of our nation. I’ve met a lot of teenage girls giving more attention to boys rather than giving more attention to their grades. They even complain of how difficult it is to be in a relationship while we get so problematic about our studies. Education is the most basic tool for survival in the society.

Not only do they dress like a 20-year old, but they also act like a 20-year old, or maybe much older than that. They go out when they want to and they talk back when they want to. Kids today are getting more and more disrespectful as time passes by. I see videos of kids talking back to their mom as if they were older than her. It upsets me so much that I feel like I don’t want to have a child. I also have a younger sister that shouts back to my mom. Sometimes, she doesn’t mind but when she shouts a bit louder, that’s when she loses it. Apparently, my sister also talks back at me like she was ten years older. It drives me so mad I feel like there should also be a class where they only talk about respect. The country deserves it.

The Youth Of Today
Aivory Lagto takes her duck selfie to end all other duck selfies at school.***

I’ve been with a lot of people that has vices. They often share experiences and of how “fun” smoking can be. The youth nowadays smoke to be cool and to be looked upon. What do they do? Smoke their way up to the top? As far as I can remember, those weren’t the instructions on growing up successfully. I know that they look up to their idols like Wiz Khalifa, Bob Marley, and other people known for smoking and doing drugs. Stop looking up to them. The youth see these cool people smoking and doing drugs so they do it also. Smoking is definitely not cool! It’s beyond horrible. Drinking is also one common problem among the youth. They see it as a generic pain reliever. It is yeah, but it’s temporary and it’s definitely not what the doctors would’ve prescribed. The age of people who smokes and drinks keeps getting lower and lower as time passes by. Most of them do it because of peer pressure. If they don’t do it, then they aren’t in it to win it. That’s the most cringing thing in society, peer pressure. You see these “cool” people doing what “cool” people do but you don’t do it. But then here they come, offer you a cigarette but then you said no. It was the right decision. Never say yes to them just because you want to be a part of the “cool” people because they are not cool at all! They are the snobbish people in society who just want to ransack your innocence for a high seat in society. Don’t trust them ever again and leave them alone. They do stupid careless things to be labeled on as a cool person.

We should always be careful of what we do because one decision can change your life forever. The society wants so much from us that we would do anything for it. Learn to live on one logic only. Dressing up as one of them, smoking, drinking, and doing drugs is not the right and best thing to do. You are too young and you still need a lot of humility and maturity. We do make mistakes in our life, but always remember that we think for ourselves. We see the youth as the hope of our nation, but now we see them as the destroyers of our hope and faith towards them.***

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