The Goshen Land Young Entrepreneurs Program

Goshen Land Young Entrepreneurs Program
College students and young professionals from Baguio and Benguet attended the launching of Goshen Land's Young Entrepreneurs Program.***

Homegrown developer Goshen Land Capital, Inc. launched a new program to teach interested college students and young professionals the rudiments of entrepreneurship. Dubbed YEP, defined as Goshen Land Young Entrepreneurs Program, the initiative aims to nurture young entrepreneurs and eventually fund any of their viable business ideas courtesy of Goshen Land. This funding concept was adapted from the US, known as the Y-combinator paradigm where funders put in money in the venture and partner with the originator of the idea.

The YEP program was launched on November 7 this year and will continue until next year. It will follow a module and apply types of learning among participants. Goshen Land will mentor, assist and coach the participants as they go through every step of the program process.

Future Young Entrepreneurs
Future Young Entrepreneurs mentored by Goshen Land***

The participants will be taught the basic four functional areas of a business, ask them to apply it on their own ventures if they already have one. If not, they can opt to intern as sales specialist for Goshen Land’s investment properties for sales and marketing training. *** –Rani Imogene Discaya

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