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Editors Note

The Subliminal Catalysts is a group of high school students from Baguio who won the Media Advocacy Campaign Contest during the ABBCS Literary and Litmus Competition. We are featuring here the contents of their handbill. Their media campaign used a two-media approach-video and print. Sana is their handbill’s title.

One of the effects of corruption is that it takes away from the funds that could have been used to alleviate poverty and thereby improve the status of basic education for every Filipino: not just for the elite rich, but also for those below the working class. In this country, the money that could have gone to social programs now lines politician’s pockets. And this is the sad reality: that there are children here who could have gone to school, but lack proper funding. There are children here in this country who could have graduated with honors, have their school materials been properly provided for. One always sees the politician enjoying a life built on dishonesty and fraud; when will they able to see that there are children who haven’t even started living?

Juan limps along with a crutch on the way to school. Because of the unpaved road, he often trips and falls. Hid body is covered with scars from his trips and tumbles. But he cannot do anything about it, and so he trudges on.
Notorious for being the most exploited fund, the PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund) or more commonly known as “pork barrel” could have been used to fix situations like these. However, this seems not to be the case. Instead, many of our country’s leaders hungrily eye it as a “get – rich – quick” scheme, with no thought at all for those who have been continually affected by these dilapidated, deteriorated infrastructures. What could have been fixed…. What could have been improved …. at this time, these are all “could – have – beens”.

Every year, more and more Filipinos from rural areas die or suffer needlessly because they do not have a healthcare plan to cover their costs in cases of need. Money that could have gone to supporting and implementing these healthcare plans has gone to other wallets. Every year, a mother has to find another ways to bring her baby into the world, simply because she cannot afford the hospital dues. Every year, a baby suffers needlessly from the common cough and colds, simply because there is not enough medicine in that rural clinic. Every year, more and more children fall prey to a disease that could have been prevented with a simple vaccination. What kind of a notion have we become – if our leaders selfishly give not thought to the health and welfare of the Filipino People?

is more than what it looks like in the surface. It is more than dishonest politicians and fake NGOs. It is more than what is published in newspapers and what is broadcast on the television. To the Filipino people, these are intangible: political gibberish and nonsense and lies that most cannot understand. What we do understand is what we really see: the wasted potential of billions of pesos that could have gone improves the country, and the death of honesty and integrity. That is why we say that corruption is the nation’s greatest “could – have – been”. Imagine the schools that could have been built and teachers that could have been hired. Imagine the medical facilities that could have been improved and the healthcare plans for the Filipino that could have been put into place. Imagine the roads that could be built; imagine the amount of road accident – caused deaths that could have been prevented.
And that is why we mourn; but more than mourning, we dream. We dream of a better Philippines, a corruption – free land where truth is free to take root and thrive. We dream of a nation where money is no longer the cause of destruction, but the root of improvement. We dream of a place where what the Filipino works for will be returned to him in kind, and not swept away into the murky shadows of the political system. We dream of a Philippines where the light of truth is so strong that no shadow of deception will be able to prevail. We are dreamers; we are the youth.

And it is up to us to make it so.***

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