Sagada Travel Destination: Kiltepan Viewpoint and Blue Lagoon

sagada featured-image-lagoon
Blue Lagoon

The town of Sagada has been considered as a secret haven for local and foreign backpackers before it was romanticized in the movie, That Thing Called Tadhana. The Joseph Digest went on an adventure expedition to some of Sagada’s tourist destinations.

  1. Kiltepan Viewpoint
sagada featured-image-mt-kiltepan
Sunrise at Kiltepan Viewpoint

We started our day at the famous Kiltepan Viewpoint to witness the sunrise. We left our inn at around 4 am to make sure that we have the best spot by the time we reach Kiltepan. The trip to Kiltepan was convenient since our inn was relatively close to the location and we have our own personal vehicle. By the time we reached the viewpoint, we were welcomed by the sight of vendors preparing hot water for beverages. For those who would like to be frugal, we suggest that you bring your own tumbler filled with hot coffee since a cup of instant coffee sold in the area costs 30 pesos.

Sunrise in Kiltepan has its own charm. One could notice a landscape of the Cordillera mountains and rice terraces in nearby towns and provinces and thin strips of fog covering the mountains. Watching the sun rise over the mountains and terraces in Kiltepan was like watching a cinematic establishing shot from an infamous indie film or documentary but in real life. What the team found amusing was the sight of tourists flocking to the area to witness the famous Kiltepan sunrise. Armed with monopods, cellphones, and GoPros, you would see tourists trying to outsmart each other in taking selfies. Some would even go as far as going near cliffs until they would be satisfied with their photos.

sagada tourist
Tourists flock to Kiltepan on weekends to view the famous Kiltepan sunrise, and to shout out their broken hearts away.

         2.   Blue Lagoon

sagada lagoon-water
A cascade of small waterfalls leading to the blue lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one destination not known to many tourists. Our team was able to arrive at the lagoon before lunch time. With the help of our guide, we took a detour to make the trek to the lagoon shorter. However, for those who are not that used to hiking and trekking in rocky down slope trails, it would be best to follow the regular trail.*** -Louella Pader

sagada lagoon-1
The blue lagoon is believed to be eight feet deep.

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