Sagada Food Adventure: Lemon Pie House

lemon pie house featured-image

Your visit to Sagada won’t be complete without visiting the famous Lemon Pie House. Lemon, known for its sour flavor, does not seem like a good idea for the idea of a pie. But the Lemon Pie House was able to create a delicacy out of it. The tart flavor of the lemon and the sweet taste of meringue complements each other making the lemon pie an exception.

lemon pie house facade
Façade of the famous Sagada Lemon Pie House

Lemon Pie House is owned by Joseph Daoas. He started out baking cakes and because of competition, he thought of a way be different from his competitors. It was a rough start but Daoas and his staff persevered and eventually, their product was introduced to the market. It took 12 painstaking years to perfect the recipe, they opened lemon pie house to the public in 2008. With their diligence and tenacity, they were able to make lemon pie trademark of Sagada.

Lemon Pie House has a cozy and comfortable place. Lemon Pie House’s exterior is made out of galvanized iron sheet and pine wood while its interior is bedecked with pine wood and fern branches making it an authentic typical Sagada house.

lemon pie house pie-1
Lemon pie

Aside from lemon pie, they also offer rice meals. One of the best sellers is the fried chicken meal. The chicken is juicy and the skin is crispy and zesty. Every bite is a gastronomic experience because of the crispiness and savory taste.

lemon pie house fried chicken
Fried chicken

Another popular dish is the red spicy chicken. Just a look in the dish itself, looks so spicy that can heat up your day in a cool place like Sagada. If you are a chilli lover, this will surely satisfy your taste buds. The price range of meals are quite affordable. Dining at the Lemon Pie House is all worth it. You sure would get your money’s worth for the quality of the food. There are other restaurants that you can visit in Sagada but Lemon Pie House is one the most affordable and satisfying for your tummy and wallet.*** -Erin Reyes

lemon pie house spicy-chicken
Red spicy chicken

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