Sagada Food Adventure: Yoghurt House

yoghurt house yoghurt

When travelling to Sagada, one would notice that there is a lot of establishments offering yoghurt. When the people of Sagada came to realize that tourism is booming, they found a way to enhance tourism and livelihood through food through the introduction of home made yoghurt. Since the late 2000, yoghurt has become a staple in Sagada as pioneered by the Yoghurt House.

While chatting with the locals, we found out that the yoghurt produced in Sagada is made with goat’s milk. What makes Yoghurt House’s yoghurt distinct from the commercial yoghurt is its creamy acidic taste. If you are a yoghurt lover, then this is a must try for you. Yoghurt House offers plain yoghurt and yoghurt topped with a variety of fruits and preserves to balance the  sourness and creaminess of the yoghurt.

Their yoghurt topped with granola and strawberry preserves is one of their best sellers. The texture of the granola and the sweet syrupy taste of the strawberry preserve balances that sourness of the yoghurt.

Aside from their yoghurts, they also offer salads, sandwiches and rice meals that could really satisfy your “angry” stomach. One of the best sellers is called Emily’s Favorite. Maybe one of the reason that Emily’s favorite is Emily’s ‘favorite’ is because it’s very healthy and it is the perfect hearty meal for voracious eaters. Emily’s favorite is fried rice with sauteed chunks of fresh vegetables and meat and topped with a sunny side up.

yoghurt house emilys favorite
Emily’s Favorite

Another recommended dish by the staff is their Lamb steak. We ordered our lamb to be cooked medium well done. The steak is topped with gravy and served with a cup of rice and vegetables. The steak was lean and juicy and has that gamy flavor of lamb.*** -Erin Reyes

yoghurt house lamb-steak
Lamb steak

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