Sagada Food Adventure: Salt and Pepper

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Rosemary Inutom

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Great adventure must be rewarded with good and satisfying food. When travelling to Sagada, one of the go-to restaurants for tourists is Salt and Pepper Diner. The interior of the diner reflects a humble typical Sagada home with pine wood interior. The diner was named salt and pepper because it was the common seasoning used for meals in Sagada. Another reason why the diner is named salt and pepper is because it is the main seasoning used in the main dishes that they serve.

The amount of food matches the price that makes your meals satisfying. Their main dishes are served with rice and seasonal vegetables. They serve hearty servings of Filipino dishes Sagada style perfect for famished and tired tourists after a long day of hiking and spelunking.

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One of the dishes we tasted while our team was in Salt and Pepper was Dinakiw. Dinakiw is pan-grilled pork with onions served with a small portion of vegetable salad, and rice. It tastes like the typical grilled pork but with lots of chopped white onion seasoned with salt and pepper.

salt and pepper sinarabsab

Another dish we tried was the Sinarabasab which is vinegar marinated pork with onions and ginger served with rice and vegetables. It is somewhat similar to the taste of dinakdakan because of the acidity that comes from the vinegar marinated pork and the tangy freshness that comes from the ginger.

Salt and Pepper Diner also offers breakfast meals, pasta, soup, salads, pancit, and chicken and vegetable dishes. Our team also tasted one of their best sellers which is the Rosemary Inutom. Rosemary Inutom is basically pan grilled chicken seasoned with salt, pepper, and rosemary with a hearty amount of rice and a side of vegetable salad. What we appreciate about this dish is the aromatic smell of rosemary and the pleasantness it gives to the juicy humble chicken seasoned with just the right amount of salt and pepper.

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Classic pepper steak

Classic Pepper Steak, one of Salt and Pepper’s bestseller is cooked just right with the right amount of seasoning to make the porky taste stand out.*** -Erin Reyes

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