A Rock Park in La Trinidad

From the top, La Trinidad faintly resembles California’s San Bernardino Valley.***

It is not the Grand Canyon but the view is grand.

One cannot miss the locally known Mt. Kalugong that overlooks La Trinidad valley and directly gawks over the Benguet State University (BSU) football grounds when one traverses the main La Trinidad highway. Mt. Kalugong, as it is aptly named, translates to hat since the mountain and the rock formation it is famous for is shaped like a hat.
The view from the rock formation gives one a different perspective of La Trinidad valley which is almost always seen from the eyes of traffic jams, road pollution, a stressful, busy highway and a not so soothing visual of the market and Trading Post area.

The Joseph Digest Team climbed Mt. Kalugong to see what’s different about it. Upon reaching he summit, the Joseph Digest Team was told Php 50 entrance fee is required. Apparently, this accounts for the fact that the mountain is owned privately and a closer look indicates that it had been turned into a nature park by the owner.
The park is a good area for walking and family picnics. Picnic tables are provided together with children’s play equipment. It also has ziplines and huts with different Cordilleran designs. The unique rock formations at the top of the mountain are the best vantage point to view the valley from the East. The expansive view from Mount Kalugong presents a beautiful mosaic of La Trinidad valley that one will never see in its entirety when one just passes by on the highway.

The Joseph Digest team that explored the mountain was awed by the uniquely rugged rock formations that accent the mountain. An outcropping of the rock from the mountain serves as a natural view deck for hikers to take in the beautiful La Trinidad valley scenery.

The Joseph Digest team reached the mountain through barangay Tawang but it could also be reached through barangay Balili. It is wise to have good comfy walking shoes or boots to conquer the mountain. Make sure to bring water and light snacks to experience an enjoyable hike. ***JD/KMGacer


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