Kabayan Eco-Cultural Adventure: Pyrite Stones

Town Kabayan Pyrite stones

Pyrite stones, locally known as tangkiyal, is commonly found in Kabayan. Pyrite is commonly found in the river beds and streams in Kabayan. Some locals who practice small scale mining say that when pyrite is abundant, there is a high possibility that there is gold. With the abundance of pyrite, people from the community incorporate pyrite in token creation under the initiative of the Department of Tourism and participation of locals.

Pyrite stones Token sample
A sample of Kabayan Barrio’s tangkiyal stone craft


Pyrite stones Token work area
Inside Kabayan Barrio’s Coop where they create souvenir items using pyrite.
Pyrite stonesToken Tarp
With the abundance of pyrite, the community was able to find a way to utilize pyrite by creating tokens out of it.


Pyrite stones Token products
Another sample of tokens created with the use of crushed pyrite

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