Producing Commendable Student-Athletes the CGFC Way

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Cordillera GoshenLand Football Club (CGFC) has been nurturing grassroots football and student-athletes in Baguio for six years. This football club comprised of passionate football coaches, indigent and underprivileged public elementary and high school students has brought honor and pride to the city of Baguio in various local and national competitions.

In a span of six years, CGFC has produced commendable and outstanding student-athletes who are now studying in well-known universities in the National Capital Region through football scholarships. Some have now graduated and chose to pursue a career in the corporate world while some chose to be professional athletes.

student athletes nissi1
Courage Nissi Dumpayan (in neon green jersey) training with other CGFC members.

As early as high school, some of CGFC’s members are being scouted to play for colleges or invited to train for national teams in preparation for international competitions. Courage Nissi Dumpayan, 15 years old, one of CGFC’s players had the opportunity to join an international football competition last May 22-24, 2016 in Malaysia. Dumpayan, under Laos Football Club, along with other teenagers from different parts of the Philippines represented the Philippines in Borneo Cup, where their team ranked 4th place overall in the 15under and 16under category. Dumpayan served as a utility player for his team where he served as a striker, winger, and central back.

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