The Panagbenga Flower Festival from Joseph Digest’s eyes

The yearly Panagbenga Festival always transforms Baguio’s main streets with different sights, each with a story to tell. Here’s what Joseph Digest saw during the two-day festivities.

A photo essay by Joverlyn Espejo and Joseph Fernandez.



Spectators came ready for the Panagbenga street Parade with their beddings. At 4:06 am, our photographer caught them sleeping overnight on the Session Road sidewalk while waiting for the parade to start.



At 5 am, the Session Road sidewalk is already packed with children in tow for them to watch the parade at 8 am.





At 4 am, public school kids get dolled up for their Panagbenga Street Dancing Parade.









All dolled up and ready for the parade.






At 7 am, policemen do the rounds of warning spectators of pick pockets and snatchers.






Here they go! At 8 am, bands start blasting their horns leading the parade.







A high school dancer from Baguio City National High School (BCNHS) dances with gusto as she skillfully balances her indigenous lagba or native basket on her head during the Panagbenga Street Dancing parade.




Parents are the unpaid laborers in the parade. Here, they push the table lyre of their kids throughout the parade.





Resourceful parents of this girl used PVC pipes for her parade headdress.






A garbage truck and spectators follow the parade down Session Road.





This girl seems to reprimand her troupe for a wrong step count.






Tourists outdo each other taking flower blooms off a float that broke down during the Panagbenga Float Parade.





This Despicable Me 2 minion-themed float by the City Government of Baguio boasts of an intricate and meticulous craftsmanship using mums and everlasting flowers.








At 6 am, February 23, a judge checks the craftsmanship of a float before the parade.






Cowboys guard the floats at 7 am before the parade down Session Road.






Looking like the ruins of Athens, these float columns were grandly bedecked with Baguio everlasting flowers. The float parade stopped at Athletic Bowl.

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