Goshen Land Welcomes Students at North Cambridge Trade Fair

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With the resume of classes last August, Martha and Goshen Land conducted a three day trade fair at North Cambridge as part of its welcome treat for its student tenants and unit owners. Various SMEs attended the trade fair showcasing food such as Korean street food, shawarma, halo-halo, cupcakes, budget meals, and coffee frappes while some stalls also displayed products such as second hand clothes, handmade bags, and purses which were affordable for students’ budgets.

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The trade fair was also open to students from nearby Saint Louis University campus and Bakakeng residents where Goshen Land provided free shuttle from SLU Bakakeng gate to North Cambridge Wharton. The students enjoyed the different displays at Wharton. Goshen Land gave away raffle prizes such as 500gb external drives, powerbanks, and 2015 GoNegosyo books to inspire and encourage students to excel in their academics.
By November, the company will be setting up another trade fair for a cause at North Cambridge Wharton to showcase SMEs and student entrepreneurial organizations to present their products and services in preparation for Christmas.

Alongside the three-day trade fair was the launching of available commercial units in North Cambridge Wharton. Available commercial units can either be bought or leased out. These commercial spaces are perfect for the business owners who would want to put up their own café, bakery, cold tea bars, tutorial classes, sports and music classes, and fitness and wellness gyms. Aside from North Cambridge’s unit owners and tenants and students at SLU Bakakeng, residents from nearby Bakakeng, Camp 7, Camp 8, and Marcos Highway are the potential target market for those who would like to put up their business at Wharton’s commercial units.

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North Cambridge condominium community provides 24-hour security for its tenants and unit owners. North Cambridge has amenities such as swimming pool, Wi-Fi in common areas, elevators, genset, parking spaces, and sewage treatment plant. The condominium buildings and commercial common areas are fully maintained by Martha, Goshen Land’s Property Management. North Cambridge commercial units are fully fitted with tiled floors, glass doors, and panels. Common restrooms are also provided.*** -Harriet Dale Sagorsor

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