Melbourne Goshen Land Towers : Fulfilling ordinary Filipinos’ dream of owning prime property

Melbourne Towers : Fulfilling ordinary Filipinos’ dream of owning prime property
Melbourne Towers. With a pool and garden on top, Melbourne Towers is an innovation in property development in Baguio City.***

When one thinks of prime property in a Baguio city, Philippine setting, it has to be commercial in value and must be centrally located. But since affordability and availability are out of reach for most ordinary Filipinos wanting to have prime property, Goshen Land offered Melbourne Goshen Land Towers  to answer this need.

Baguio has scarce prime commercial property for sale especially within the central business district. If ever a property comes up for sale, one has to pawn the family silver and more before one could afford it. In reality, only about one percent of the locals could afford this. This is why Melbourne Goshen Land Towers by Goshen Land can now be that rare opportunity for ordinary Filipinos to own prime commercial property. At Melbourne Goshen Land Towers, commercial space renters can now own their units instead of renting for a lifetime.

On the day of its launching, almost seventy percent of the units were sold out. It was grabbed by locals from the city and the Cordilleras. They see their investment in Melbourne Goshen Land Towers as an investment, not a liability to their finances. “Tapon na pera kasi ang renta. Pag sa iyo ang unit mo, sa iyo na rin renta mo,” advises Goshen Land CEO Alexander Bangsoy.

Goshen Land Towers is a Goshen Land master planned community located just below Baguio’s famous Session Road. It offers residential and commercial condominium units ideal for business, clinics, offices and residences.
*** Genalyn Ramos, JD

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