Martha’s Dependables: Manong Ben and Kuya Marlon

Martha's dependables
Manong Ben welcomes students and unit owners with a smile on his face.***

Ben Estocapio reported to the North Cambridge master planned community under Martha for 11 months. He is one of the security guards on duty at North Cambridge. Students and unit owners fondly call him Manong Ben. Manong Ben had been residing in Baguio for more than fifteen years. Before working with Goshen Land, he worked as a security guard with Hyatt Hotel and Texas Instruments. Before being assigned to North Cambridge, he was the night guard at Goshen Land’s old office at Montinola Subdivision, Kisad Road. He says that working at North Cambridge is more convenient for him since he lives near the area.

Martha's dependable Manong Ben
Manong Ben is one of Martha’s trustworthy and dependable security guards.***

The Joseph Digest staff has always admired Manong Ben for how he treats everyone he meets with a friendly and engaging demeanor. When asked how he was able to gain unit owners and tenants’ respect at North Cambridge, he says in Ilokano that “ikkam ti bassit nga asin na gamin nu katungtungem isuda” with a smile on his face. (Speak with grace and season it with salt when speaking with unit owners and tenants.) As a parent, he knows that some of the students he encounters are stubborn but he treats them with respect. The students also respect him in return since he makes them feel that they are responsible adults.

When Baguio was struck by typhoons for two consecutive months, Manong Ben proactively provided food for students who were not able to cook for themselves due to power interruptions.

Bilang magulang, concerned din ako para sa mga estudyanteng nakatira dito lalo na noong bumabagyo. Naalala ko nung sinalanta tayo ni bagyong Kabayan pinagluto ko ng arroz caldo yung mga bata. Nung Lando naman, nagsaing ako ng isang kalderong kanin at nagdala din ako ng ulam para may makain ang mga bata. Kahit sa ganitong simpleng paraan nagpapasalamat ako kasi napapakita ko yung malasakit ko para sa kanil,” Manong Ben said.

Martha's dependable kuya Marlon
Martha’s dependable staff, kuya Marlon***

Marlito Pineda Jr. meantime was part of North Cambridge’s property management team under Martha for two years. He first started as a coach under Cordillera Goshen Land Football Club before working for Martha. He draws inspiration from his family in his line of work which involves serving unit owners and student tenants residing at North Cambridge. Kuya Marlon, as tenants and unit owners call him, along with other Martha partners are admirable for their dedication for their job. Despite the strong winds and rain brought by the typhoons that hit Baguio, they still came to work to serve the unit owners and student tenants. This is a manifestation of the customer service culture that Goshen Land CEO Alexander Bangsoy had painstakingly drilled in each and every Goshen Land and Martha partner.

Isa sa mga hindi ko makakalimutang experience sa trabaho ko dito sa Martha ay ‘yong pinasok naming yung manhole para magdeclog ng sewer line nung typhoon Lando,” kuya Marlon narrates to the Joseph Digest staff as he was sharing one of the significant memories he has a Martha partner. *** –Louella Pader

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