Martha. Who’s Your Mama?

Martha. Who’s Your Mama?
Martha. welcomes North Cambridge tenants who are mostly students. Martha. takes care of them when they are sick and their parents authorized the Martha. staff to sign their waivers in their behalf.******

Martha. yes, the name comes with a dot. Martha(dot) is Goshen Land’s Property Management Company. She is the caretaker of Goshen Land’s masterplanned communities and the big mama who takes care of students and tenants in these communities.

While her name was derived from the Biblical character Martha, sister of Mary who busied herself in the kitchen and complained to Jesus that Mary wasn’t helping her, Martha., the property management company has taken on Mary’s attitude. Martha. dispenses of her responsibility not just in making sure the plumbing works well but in a Mary attitude quietly looks after the college students staying at the North Cambridge, assuring their parents who live far from them that their kids are safely home.

If the witch-like, bitchy landlady always epitomizes the woman in charge in a boarding house who comes and knocks on her boarder’s door without fail to ask him for his monthly rent even if he is still sleeping, Martha. comes to a tenant’s door like the Good Samaritan, especially if the tenant is sick.

Martha. attends to sick tenants especially students who are living away from their parents at North Cambridge. They give them medicines and fruits. The students’ parents also authorized Martha. to sign excuse letters of their kids at North Cambridge whenever they get sick. These services are above and beyond Martha’s paid job descriptions but it finds its roots in Goshen Land’s principle of serving others.

The Goshen Land brand of serving others, of always going the extra mile had always been the bedrock of customer service culture ingrained in the consciousness of each Goshen Land partner, and in this case, in big mama Martha.’s heart.***Louella Marie Pader/JD

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