Making time for health: How to get fit in the midst of a busy schedule

Running gives Goshen Land Project Architect Ryan Gumaya more time to enjoy life, family and friends. ***JD

Tired and busy at work. These have always been the reasons why people with a hectic work schedule cannot exercise.

Nowadays, there are lots of ways to be physically fit and most of them are free. One of the easiest is to run or jog. Running is an excellent form of exercise. It improves strength, endurance, cardiovascular and bone stability. It can also improve body and mind coordination.

In the summer season of 2011, Architect Ryan Gumaya, Goshen Land Project Architect, started to run. “At first, it was about me reducing my cholesterol level to a safer and normal level. He adds, after satisfying the doctor’s advice, “I realized that running is not just a physical activity but also a test for the runner’s mental toughness.” Gumaya said.
Running, however, is not a walk in the park. It challenges the lungs, knees and feet so a good motivation helps. “I think every run I do gives me a stronger body to live a little longer than a smoker. More time to enjoy life, family, and friends.” Architect Gumaya said, about his running motivation.

Architect Gumaya works in the office eight hours a day but manages his time and makes time to run. On weekdays, he runs every other day after his work and on weekends, he runs a longer distance early in the morning. He also believes that stretching is very important before running. Stretching reduces injuries, muscle pains and improves performance. Gumaya stretches his body for 10 minutes before jogging to prepare his lungs.

Architect Gumaya’s medals. ***JD
Architect Gumaya’s medals. ***JD

Since he lives near the mountains, Architect Gumaya loves to run up to Mt. Cabuyao and at Camp John Hay. He also joins marathon competitions in the City. “I joined the Baguio-Benguet marathon in 2012 in the half-marathon category and countless of fun runs. I never win first place, which is reserved for athletes with monster lungs and cheetah legs. But my goal in every run is to finish with a decent time and alive,” he said.

He recalls that running, like any other sports lean strongly on mental toughness, “The run that really tested my mental toughness was during The North Face 100.” During the run, he felt a weird pinching pain in the left knee in the 10th kilometer that got worse. He says it was satisfying to finish 22k within the cut-off time despite a busted knee. “That experience proved that running is 20% physical, 80% mental toughness. Gumaya said.

Aside from conditioning the body physically, running also improves mental health. A lot of runners feel better and happier after they run. At some point, running changes one’s values in life. “Running changed my perspective on how to live life.” the running architect said.

Architect Ryan after a mountain run.***JD
Architect Ryan after a mountain run.***JD

As of this time, Architect Gumaya still enjoys running and made it as one of his hobbies. He said that running improved his stamina and immune system. “It has been a part of my schedule to run. I find time to run no matter how tight my schedules may be.” he addedHaving experienced the benefits and pleasures of running, Architect Gumaya also encourages other Goshenland partners who are starting to get hooked to running to prepare for it. “Get a good pair of running shoes and go out there. The streets and trails are open 24-7.” ***Joverlyn Espejo, JD


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