When Local Heart Means Understanding Your Market’s Needs

OFW from Zurich, Switzerland Percy Saga-oc Winterfeld and her family at their Goshen Land Rock Valley home.***

Local players in a behemoth industry like property development rarely create an impact in the market. The industry is dominated by big players who have been there long before new, local players were born. This is why Goshen Land, a homegrown property developer in Baguio takes up its passion for providing affordable investment properties for ordinary Filipinos in emerging markets with a down home approach.

As emphasized by its slogan “local heart, world class developments,” Goshen Land walks its talk by taking time and focus in understanding what its local market needs and wants. Every market niche is peculiar but Goshen Land, having been founded by the son of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who got ejected from their rented home when he was young understands exactly what it feels not to have a home of your own. This sentiment is carried in the way Goshen Land creates master planned communities for ordinary Filipinos.

North Cambridge Student Condominiums beside SLU Bakakeng was an innovative and breakthrough product by Goshen Land in Baguio and Northern Luzon.
At North Cambridge, parents of students who are staying there now are appraised of their kids’ whereabouts.***

This sentiment which transforms itself into the local heart principle the company speaks of is seen in the way its developments are conceptualized and how customers’ concerns are met. “We are not perfect but we try our best to serve our clients and work for their welfare,” Goshen Land CEO Alexander Bangsoy said. There were cases where clients fell on hard times and asked if their payments, which should have been forfeited as a policy have been returned as justified by the client’s predicament. One client, a retired lawyer who is going through a series of dialysis and hospital treatments requested if his initial payments could be returned to him since his family has already exhausted their finances because of his illness. The company, standing on its local heart principle returned the client’s money after investigation of the client’s case. In many big companies, payments that will not be paid in full are always forfeited no matter what the circumstances of the clients are.

Goshen Land, in its effort to meet its customers’ needs have specifically created master planned developments it turns into investment properties for ordinary Filipinos. With its local heart principle, it aims to provide investment properties for locals so they have an opportunity and an avenue to park and grow their hard earned money here and abroad.

North Cambridge Student Condominiums beside SLU Bakakeng was an innovative and breakthrough product by Goshen Land in Baguio and Northern Luzon. This is because prior to North Cambridge, there were no student condominiums in the city. At North Cambridge, parents of students who are staying there now are appraised of their kids’ whereabouts. Goshen Land’s Property Management team named Martha takes care of the students and other tenants in the condominium, and are even trusted by the parents of these students to sign their kids’ school waivers. Tenants who fell ill in the condominium and are far from their parents are brought to the hospital or given assistance. In its third phase of development, North Cambridge has a commercial court where buyers can get to own their store units instead of having to rent one in town. The foot traffic in the area will come from the tenants, students from nearby SLU Bakakeng and the community.

The Courtyards is another masterplanned development of Goshen Land that is nestled on a 2 hectare property surrounded by quiet neighborhoods and the Ambiong farming community of nearby La Trinidad. The Courtyards has resort-like amenities and while its construction is going on, it aims to provide its buyers and its present tenants a taste of Baguio modern living in a provincial setting. It is a sought after investment especially by OFWs and professionals.

Burnham Hill, a Goshen Land investment property near Burnham Park was sold out. But Central Apartments, a good investment property for start-up families and parents of students is located near all the conveniences of the Baguio Central Business District (CBD) because it is in Trancoville barangay. Another investment property near the CBD suitable for professionals and entrepreneurs is the Goshen Land Towers. It is a mixed-use development perfect for those who would like to put up their practice near their place of residence as Goshen Land Towers offers commercial spaces and residential spaces for those who prefer to live near Session Road.

Goshen Land investment properties for houses and lots have been snapped up but if one moves fast enough to inquire, there might still be a few properties left for interested buyers. Locations are at Dontogan barangay, Suello Village all along Marcos Highway and in Lubas and Tawang La Trinidad.

As its Summerfields subdivision project in La Trinidad was sold out, Goshen Land will soon build another master planned compact community for residential and commercial mixed use called Greenfields in front of the new Benguet Agri-Pinoy Trade Center, Puguis, La Trinidad, Benguet.***JD/HSalenga&EReyes

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