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athletes - CAR crossfit
CAR Football athletes preparing for their crossfit training.

“I have nothing to ask from you. Hindi ako humihigi ng kapalit. Only that you do your best. Win or lose, we will celebrate.” This was the admonition of Goshen Land CEO and President Alexander Bangsoy to the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) football and futsal athletes whose training and logistics he supported from the onset, starting with a grassroots football program that comes with life coaching, scholarship, football coaching and CrossFit training, logistics and mentoring before they left for the Palarong Pambansa this year. There was never a support of its kind seen in years in the region and in Baguio.

athletes - mental coaching
CAR athletes received mental coaching from Goshen Land CEO in preparation for Palarong Pambansa.
athlete - new shoes
Football and futsal athletes received new shoes from Goshen Land.


IMG-6IMG-5He provided for the brand new shoes of both the high school football and futsal athletes, carved out time from his busy schedule as CEO of two companies to encourage, plan with the teams’ coaches and personally mentor the kids through mental coaching sessions. “A life change is what we are after here. Trophies are just bonuses. We hope that what we have planted in the hearts of these kids will bear good fruit later in their adult lives,” Bangsoy explained. “May they make better choices to uplift their lives and that of their families,” he added. “It is important that they are taught to have a purpose, a vision higher and bigger than themselves so they have a focused direction in their lives, not waste it on mediocre things,” the Igorot Goshen Land CEO said.

Since majority of the kids came from public schools, Bangsoy and his wife Annabelle went to Albay personally to cheer and support the kids from  the pitch sidelines since most parents were not around.

More than the financial and moral support Bangsoy and Goshen Land gave the kids, he also made sure the nutrition of the kids are well provided for. He organized a team of volunteer teachers and Goshen Land ESR partners to go to Albay and cook for them since the food provided by DepEd for the athletes is always lacking. The team went to the market to source out food, made sure the athletes were well-hydrated and well-fed. The athletes were given multi-vitamins, water, and snacks at every game and after it is done. The kids were treated by Bangsoy to a break at the beach where they enjoyed the sun and the sea, a boodle fight and a seaside football game after all the kids games were done.

athlete - food
Our volunteer team made sure that our athletes were well-fed and well-nourished.
athlete - boodle fight
Boodle fight after the games
athlete - beach
The athletes were treated to a time at the beach after their games.
athlete - birthday
Birthday cakes and candles for two athletes celebrating their birthday

It was also a touching sight to see the Goshen Land CEO driving out to town from the beach just to buy ice cream for the athletes and birthday cakes for two athletes celebrating their birthdays. Bangsoy’s final reminder for the athletes after the Palarong Pambansa is to never give up in life. Losing is just an event, not a person.*** -Erin Reyes

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