Ideal Investment Properties near Strawberry Farms in La Trinidad

Ideal Investment Property near strawberry farm LTB
Tourists picking strawberries in La Trinidad's strawberry farm.

Greenfields apartments are ideal for locals and tourists who do not like to be stuck in traffic going to La Trinidad during rush hours. With this soon to rise development, locals and tourists can conveniently get from point A to point B in La Trinidad for appointments, work, or business.

Ideal Greenfields
Architect’s perspective of a residential unit in Greenfields.

To keep up with the changing demographics and needs in La Trinidad, Goshen Land provides an opportunity for investment to locals through Greenfields. Greenfields is an investment property located near the strawberry farms of La Trinidad that locals and tourists could benefit from. Locals and tourists can invest in their own residential unit which they can rent out as transient or apartment. Investment properties to choose from are studio units, 1 bedroom units, and 2 bedroom units.***

Greenfields La Trinidad Strawberry farm
Tourists taking a selfie in the La Trinidad Strawberry farm.

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