Hope And A Grateful Heart

Hope - Kalinga Lando
Families affected by typhoon Lando received relief goods and construction supplies for them to rebuild their homes.

It is with hope that we see the future, with all its bleak forecasts and reality checks. We see hope because at Goshen Land Caring Hands, young people, primarily from our own partners as that is how we treat our staff—partners, we saw them volunteer unconditionally to respond to people’s needs immediately, even before government help reaches the victims.

Hope - Lando Relief
Goshen Land partners repacking relief goods for the families affected by typhoon Lando in Benguet.

They walked steep hillsides just to bring aid to typhoon victims in Baguio, the isolated municipalities in Tuba and travel to Kalinga, source out building materials from Tabuk hardware stores to rebuild washed out homes of indigent families in Kalinga and figure out board feet calculations all by themselves and most if not all of them are women. They are not engineers nor architects but our very own hardworking partners from the Goshen Land Marketing Department who were also the same young, unseen, unsung community helpers who formed the hardworking team of Goshen Land CEO Alexander Bangsoy of the responsive and hastily formed 13 Cordilleran Heroes Facebook team and now known as the Cordilleran Binnadang community service initiative of the CEO that raised Php 2.5 million.These funds , as documented by a bank were given in checques to the grieving families of the massacred 13 Cordilleran SAF soldiers who fought against international terrorists in Mindanao in 2014.

Hope - Lando Benguet
Goshen Land partners went to remote areas in Benguet to distribute relief goods.

It is also worth commending how these young people at Goshen Land’s Marketing Department , together with the Goshen Land Operations Department have repaired, restored and rebuilt one of our former Goshen Land scholar’s house in City Camp and several other homes which were blown by the wind during last year’s typhoons. This month, they raised funds again together with Goshen Land CEO Alexander Bangsoy to buy immediate groceries and school supplies including good quality school bags for the families and children whose homes were gutted by fire at Engineer’s Hill.

Hope - Lando victims
Volunteer Goshen Land partners helped distribute relief goods to 84 families in remote areas in Baguio and Benguet who were victims of the typhoon.

It is with a grateful heart that we were blessed by these young, single, unsung heroes—Harriet Sagorsor, Joverlyn Espejo, Erin Reyes, Louella Pader, Kristine Gacer and other volunteer Goshen Land partners who helped Goshen Land Caring Hands and Cordillera Binnadang testimonies of unconditional community service.***

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