GREENFIELDS: The new and better opportunity for local farmers and traders

GREENFIELDS: The new and better opportunity for local farmers and traders
Changing La Trinidad. The new Agri-Pinoy Trade Center is a game changer.***

It’s new. It’s better. Good for locals.
The Greenfields residential and commercial masterplanned community by Goshen Land soon to rise in front of the new Agri-Pinoy Trading Post in La Trinidad will serve the need of locals, farmers and traders for an investment property.
In La Trinidad, Greenfields will answer the needs of farmers and traders who usually line up for hours towards the Trading Post to sell their produce at the right time for the best price. Because Greenfields is a masterplanned community with residential and commercial units, farmers and traders can have the advantage of having their business-home place in front of the new Agri-Pinoy Trade Center without having to line up for long hours on the road to the Trading Post in order to sell their produce.
“Nagrigat ti agpila ti nateng mi,” (It’s tough queueing up to sell our vegetables), a farmer from Atok said. “Kailangan pay nga itsamba ti pila tapno maka-jackpot kami ti presyo,” (“We have to time our queue towards the Trade center so we could go home with a jackpot sale from our produce), the farmer added.
“The La Trinidad vegetable Trading Post and the Agri-Pinoy Trade Center are like the stock markets of vegetables, that’s why timing is important,” Goshen Land CEO Alexander Bangsoy said. It is critical then that they are at the right place at the right time. Greenfields, soon to rise in front of the new Agri-Pinoy Trade Center will enable the farmers and traders to time the sale of their produce well since they could stay right beside the “trading floor” and readily sell their produce at once when the prices go up.
Greenfields will offer farmers, traders, locals, professionals, businesswomen, businessmen a compact, masterplanned community of residential apartments and commercial spaces like restaurants, grocery, convenient store, coffee shops, water refilling station and wet and dry market stalls. Being an investment properties, it is open for sale and ownership with a legitimate property title once it’s done. A 24-hour security is part of the development. Instead of renting commercial stalls, farmers and traders can actually own these stalls at Greenfields, either for their own sideline businesses or have it rented out.

GREENFIELDS: The new and better opportunity for local farmers and traders
Better for locals. The Greenfields investment property by Goshen Land soon to rise infront of the Agri-Pinoy Trade Center (Architectural Perspective-representational image only).***


















The monthly investment needed for an apartment at Greenfields is almost the same as the rent of a boarding house in La Trinidad. The monthly investment can also be paid through installments. Owning an apartment at Greenfields also means having an asset and income when it is rented for long or short term. One could take advantage of free online listings so people from all over the world, not just locals could rent your Greenfields apartment.
Martha., the property management company of Goshen Land can help lease out the units once enrolled to their leasing department. It will also maintain the whole property for the residents’ well being.
The recent global economic meltdown led financial gurus to declare that wise investments are those that come with hard assets, not promise on paper. This way, investments have an anchor to stay with the investor, not get lost in the rise and fall of numbers in paper investments especially during crisis.
All too often, stories of money gained and lost among farmers and traders due to unwise spending in casinos circulate in the community. Locals and those working abroad are also not immuned to bad times that’s why a hard asset investment like the Greenfields could be a better opportunity to grow their gains.***JD/HDSagorsor&KMGacer

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