The Grace To Serve Kids At Goshen Land

The Grace To Serve Kids At Goshen Land
Goshen Land life coaching session at Melvin Jones Football Grounds with football players from public schools.***

Changing lives of kids is one tough mission, because no one can, unless God changes the hearts of these young people. But once kids’ hearts are changed, the impact lasts not just for a lifetime but for eternity.

The Grace To Serve Kids At Goshen Land
A Life Coach from Goshen Land Caring Hands talks to a kid at DSWD during one of Goshen Land’s life coaching sessions with indigent kids.***

The mostly public school kids that Goshen Land helps under its program run by Goshen Land Caring Hands (GLCH) go through the normal challenges any kid goes through, leaving opportunities for GLCH to help them through life coaching, mentoring, scholarships, free tutorials and grassroots football training to make them strong and fit.

As observed, most kids from public schools that we help in the program are not immune to the attractions of computer addiction, peer pressure that leads towards bum gang fraternities, early age relationships, drugs and other negative social influences that seem attractive but destructive in its effect.

The Grace To Serve Kids At Goshen Land
Annabelle Bangsoy(left) talks to the mother of Joshua Paway, a boy with undeveloped ear for a news story published at the Midland Courier.***

In Goshen Land, the CEO, Alexander Bangsoy always emphasizes to partners that culture develops from habit. This is the reason why GLCH’s programs are meant to intervene in the lives of kids for them to seek a better alternative than just succumb to a culture of negative social influences.

While it is not easy to work with kids under the program, especially in dealing with their character, God’s grace is always abundant to put them back on track though the way to learning may be painful. At this point, relationship building with the kid is crucial, if the kid responds in humility and if his parents cooperate so that the kid in question will still feel loved and accepted no matter what he has done.***Nestor Udan/JD

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