Goshen Land Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP): Wealth Creation for the Young

Young - YEP Batch 1
The first batch of participants of the Goshen Land Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) receive their certificates at The Courtyards condominiums.

The Goshen Land Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP)  was launched last year by homegrown property developer Goshen Land. It is a free of charge, practical entrepreneurship program for interested students, fresh graduates and young professionals who are interested to be taught, mentored and assisted to establish their own wealth creation initiatives through Goshen Land’s investment properties.

Through the YEP, even high school and college students can create their own income stream, as proven by Ernesto Milo, 22, a  YEP trainee and student who stopped studying because of financial constraints. “Goshen Land YEP is a remarkable way of helping this generation achieve their dreams,” he said. I am also proud to help my parents now (through YEP) out of my own pocket,” he added.

Young - Ernesto Milo
Ernesto Milo

Prior to joining YEP, Milo, a pharmacy assistant struggled to make both ends meet as he commuted daily from La Union to Baguio to work.  He said it was a tough decision for him to leave his pharmacy job and go full-time with YEP. “At first, I thought of quitting (from the YEP program),” he  confided.  After clinching his first deal in four months, he said it affirmed his decision to leave his pharmacy job. His commissions from YEP enabled him to pay for his own apartment in Baguio City plus more. “My (YEP) earnings are increasing which will help me finish my degree in Nursing,” he said.

The Goshen Land YEP program now works with 30 trainees from two batches. It is a continuing program and interested applicants can contact Harriet Sagorsor and Genalyn Ramos at Goshen Land, CYA building, Kennon Road beside Baguio Medical Center. The Goshen Land YEP program aims to help alleviate poverty among young people  and their families, teach them wealth creation for free through entrepreneurship provided that they commit themselves to focus, hard work and walk with a teachable attitude.*** – Jimmielyn Javillo, Goshen Land YEP Secretariat

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