Goshen Land is now 8 Years Old!

Goshen Land CEO & President Alexander Bangsoy
Goshen Land CEO & President Alexander Bangsoy gives credit to Goshen Land partners for the company's eight year in the business.***

“The purpose of the company is not for me to become a star, but it is for you to become stars in your own right.” With these words, Atty. Alexander Bangsoy, Goshen Land CEO and President encouraged Goshen Land partners to do things well for anything worth doing is worth doing well during the company’s 8th year anniversary.

In Atty. Bangsoy’s speech, the four stakeholders that the company should focus on are the customers, partners, community, and the investors. Goshen Land caters to 2,300 customers in all its projects. In celebration of the company’s anniversary, Atty. Bangsoy emphasized the importance of customers in each partner’s line of work by mentioning one of Peter Drucker’s famous lines which is, “the purpose of a business is to create a customer.”

Inspired by the movie Heneral Luna, the Goshen Land CEO had a eureka moment while thinking of a niche market for the company which is the 70,000 students residing in Baguio. Goshen Land’s new vision of “nurturing the greatness of the Filipino youth by providing excellent student homes and services” resonates to Bangsoy’s heart being an OFW child. He says that through this vision, the company could serve as second parents to the students who are living away from their parents specifically the OFWs. He would often recall his father’s hardships of working in Dammam, Saudi Arabia as a cook in the 1980s to provide for his tuition to law school. Bangsoy believes with conviction that in order for the Philippines to become truly successful, the youth should be educated and guided through an effective vision and mission through Goshen Land and Martha.

Goshen Land service awardees
It has been an annual tradition for Goshen Land to recognize partners who have been excellent in their performances and in their years of service for the company.***

Bangsoy also gave credit to Goshen Land partners for the company’s eighth year in the real estate service. “Hindi lalago itong kumpanyang ito ng dahil lang sa akin, dahil din po sa inyo ito,” said Bangsoy to Goshen Land partners. (The company would not thrive just because of my own efforts; it is also because of your collected effort.)

The community has always been the heart of Goshen Land. Bangsoy revels in the company’s contributions to the public such fundraisings and scholarship programs for underprivileged and indigent students. This includes the immediate relief operations conducted in remote areas in Baguio and Benguet affected by typhoon Lando. And also, the binnadang fund drive extended to the families of the 14 cordilleran SAF members under the initiative of Goshen Land CEO Alexander Bangsoy where a total of P2.5 million was given with the help of Cordillerans and private individuals all around the world.

For five years, the company has been consistent in supporting underprivileged and indigent students through its entrepreneurial social responsibility arm called Goshen Land Caring Hands. This year, the company is currently supporting 16 scholars in their secondary and tertiary education. Aside from the financial support they receive, they also go through weekly life coaching for them to have a renewed mindset. In line with Goshen Land’s new vision is its grassroots football program to the Cordilleran youth through Cordillera Goshen Land Football Club. Bangsoy says that the company’s grassroots program for the youth is for them to be more fit and athletic instead of wasting their time in front of the computer.

Divina Gracia Fumar, Goshen Land CFO
Divina Gracia Fumar, Goshen Land’s new Chief Finance Officer, wishes for more milestones and years to come for Goshen Land in her closing remarks.***

Part of the company’s social responsibility is to care for the environment. In three years, Goshen Land aims to plant 1 million tree seedlings in coordination with DENR. The company has already donated 20 hectares of land in Tuba, Benguet, five hectares in Marcos Highway, and a two-hectare lot in La Trinidad as support to DENR’s National Greening Program. Open spaces in Goshen Land’s master planned communities are also designated as part of the greening program. An example would be the 19 hectares in Blue Ridge Mountains that have been reserved as a green zone. Since 2011, the company has been consistent in conducting tree planting activities. As of 2015, Goshen Land has planted a total of almost 20,000 pine and coffee seedlings in different areas in the Cordilleras.

This year, Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation, a publicly listed company, acquired 55 percent of Goshen Land’s ownership valuing the company at Php 800M, which is 53.7 times the company’s book value when it was incorporated in 2007. *** -Kristine Mae Gacer, Louella Pader

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