Goshen Land Brings Development Trends To Grassroots

Who would have ever thought that a vegetable garden would become Baguio City’s first master planned garden condominium community? Now, Goshen Land’s The Courtyards has set the trend of condominium living in Baguio as some have frowned upon it since condominium living always had the air of privilege only reserved for the rich in the city or in Metro Manila.

With Goshen Land’s outside of the box approach to development where naysayers have spoken gloom, the homegrown investment property company has proven it could bring global trends to the local community, in its only seven years of operations.

With urban migration to the cities increasing rapidly in the past decade with the trend foreseen to continue, migration experts estimate that 70% of the world’s population will move to the cities. Experts say this is warranted by the desire of people to live in a location where it provides both work and leisure. With the gut to know what the market wants, Goshen Land was consistent in creating the right development concept to fit what its market wants. Mixed use development is one design the local investment property developer implemented because it maximizes a compact land use.

Savants in the world of architects and planners concretize mixed-use development when residential use is combined with space functions for office, commercial, entertainment, child care, civic uses such as child care, schools, libraries and government service. The size of mixed-use developments could be huge in scale or confined to a small site. A common discernible pattern in mixed-use development designs consist of commercial spaces infront and residential units on the upper levels.

The masterplanned condominium developments of Goshen Land in Baguio City reflect the mixed-use development principle. Contrary to the traditional mindset of some that condominium development is not good for the city, it is in fact a blessing with the decreasing buildable land area of Baguio as the city races with urbanism and the audacious encroachment of squatters on public and private lands including forest reserves.

Mixed-use development is currently in vogue among planners because its compact land use makes for short commutes to work, offers convenience shopping for basic products and services. This way, traffic congestion is reduced in public roads and decreases energy consumption which in turn reduces carbon footprint in the community where the mixed use development is. This results to a better well-being for people in the urban milieu.***Ryan Jay Gumaya/JD

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