Good for budget income : An Ideal Investment Property for Starters

Good for budget income : An Ideal Investment Property for Starters
Central Apartments is convenient and favorable for those with budget income. ***JD

s of pesos first before you could enjoy your first home, maybe you don’t know Central Apartments, a masterplanned community for the ones with budgeted income by Goshen Land. Located at Trancoville barangay where all it takes is one short jeepney ride towards the city center, Central Apartments is convenient and favorable for those with budgeted income.

For a one bedroom unit at Central Apartments which is ideal for those looking for a starter place they could call their own, one could have it by setting aside less than Php 500 daily, or Php 491.03 only for 23 months as daily down payment for the unit. It’s just a matter of putting off unnecessary items in the budget for the meantime. Through this budgeted payment, you will at least have a place of your own rather than watch your money go to your monthly rent, especially if you are starting out as a family.

A two bedroom apartment, whose down payment period is longer at 35 months, has a budgeted daily down payment at Php 475.21.
When you live near the city center, it saves on time, gasoline and money. Plus, at Central Apartments homeowners will see a fast appreciation of their unit’s value because of its location and the faster connectivity of Baguio to Manila and Southern Luzon through the TPLEX and through the connector road between NLEX and SLEX.
For the budget investor looking for a starter investment that he could earn money from, Central Apartments is a gold mine because it is located in the city’s most preferred rental residential area since it is close to hospitals, schools, market, malls and all the conveniences Baguio residents need.
These budget investors can even enroll their units with Martha., the Property Management company of Goshen Land especially if they are not around or if they are tied down with their work abroad.
Martha will take care of their units when enrolled with them and manage their units if they like it to be rented out. Martha. strives to capitalize on trust and malasakit as some of their core values and they have been entrusted with investment property owners at North Cambridge and The Courtyards in both Goshen Land master planned communities in Baguio.
They have dealt with transients and renters of these Goshen Land investment property owners which gave them the skills and competence to provide the best customer service in property management in the city.***Annabelle Bangsoy,JD

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