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Your Pamana Investment
Blue Ridge Mountains offers a great opportunity for OFWs and locals to have a basket for investment. ***

With the uncertainty of globalized economies that results to the devaluing of properties in North America, a Cordilleran OFW who works in the United States is better off now if he invests in property in the Philippines. A forward looking investment for the Cordilleran OFWs in US and even Europe is Blue Ridge Mountains.
Blue Ridge Mountains is a masterplanned community located in Baguio City where you can build your dream home. Only 30% of the entire property will be developed, which means that residents can enjoy the perks of living in what is essentially a nature reservation. The natural bodies of water, the trees and the wildlife will be maintained because Goshen Land would like to bring back the experience of Old Baguio; crisp air, pine scented breeze and beautiful scenery. The rest of the property’s 70% is dedicated to open spaces and a green zone planted with coffee. The coffee project would benefit underprivileged kids in Goshen Land’s GLCI scholarship program and its grassroots football program it sponsors for the city of Baguio.
Being involved in the construction of your dream home from start to finish is a beautiful experience, and it is an experience offered at Blue Ridge Mountains. Here, clients start with a basic design and they can add or change the features they want in their home. The basic house designs have a modern-country theme.
The aesthetic of homes in Blue Ridge Mountains is dominated by earth-tone colors and organic architectural lines with modern details. “We build homes that complement the beautiful surroundings”, says Carl Mark Abellera, Assistant Project Director for Blue Ridge Mountains. This includes making the windows of the homes extra wide so that residents can enjoy the beautiful scenery and of course, making sure that a balcony is strategically placed where the view is the most breathtaking.
By October 2014, house construction will start for the initial batch of homes. This gives ample time for clients to start paying for the land and the cost of construction. In fact, this is ideal for OFWs who plan to come home after a few years. They can start making monthly payments and within a couple of years they can go back to Baguio and have their dream home.
The homes in Blue Ridge Mountains are designed to stand the test of time because these structures are your pamana investment. It will stand witness not only to the joys and trials of your family but also the lives of your children and the families that they will build in the future.
***Flynn Ayugat, JD

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