Election 2016: Who do we choose?

2016 Elections
Who would you choose?***

As Election 2016 approaches, political candidates are placed under the microscope and criticized for the platforms they have envisioned for the country. As a Filipino citizen, one has the right to choose who to vote this coming election. Are we ready to choose our future leaders who will make a difference for our country? The Joseph Digest team asked some citizens on their opinions on the kind of leaders they prefer for this country.

According to Merlyn Roslan Calata Rajimin, an OFW in Singapore, she prefers a leader who is god-fearing. She hopes for a leader who will know the right thing to do in the eyes of God for him to better serve the people. Another standard for Rajimin would be a leader’s value. For her, a leader should have dignity, humility, and integrity. She wants a leader who is true to his word. She also says that a leader should be soft-hearted but firm and brave to face the problems of the country.

elections 2016 voters
What values are you looking for in a leader?***

For Clifford Mandi, a freelancer from Cavite, a leader must be a visionary. He says that he prefers to have a visionary leader who will plan about the country’s future. He also says that he would choose a leader who applies his experiences from his profession or personal life to improve the situation of this country.

In the eyes of University of Baguio education major Ruth Ann Lavarias, a leader must be someone with a good educational background. She also says that it is a must for a leader to have contributed to the country’s progress even before running for office.

Everyone has their own opinion on the qualities and values that a leader should have. The most important part is that each one should choose and vote wisely and pray fervently on whom to vote on the upcoming elections for the betterment of our country. *** -Leonila Juda Reyes, intern