An Eco-Cultural Adventure in the Town of Kabayan

Town Kabayan Museum

Town Kabayan OpdasThe town of Kabayan is home to the Ibalois and Kalanguyas. The people of Kabayan consider the Mt. Pulag National Park as a sacred and mystical place. Last April, The Joseph Digest Team had an eco-cultural adventure in Kabayan. With the help and suggestion of locals, the team was able to visit places exhibiting the Kabayan culture.

Here are eight cultural landmarks that the team has visited:

1. Kabayan’s Four LakesTown Kabayan Lake Tabeyo

Kabayan’s famous four lakes is a must visit destination when visiting this mystical town. More:  Kabayan’s Four Lakes

2. National Museum

Town Kabayan Museum Mummy

The National Museum Kabayan branch houses material culture that represents Ibaloi culture and heritage. More: National Museum

3. Opdas Mass Burial Cave

Town Kabayan Opdas Skulls

Opdas Mass Burial Cave is home to more than 100 skulls discovered in 1971. More: Opdas Mass Burial Cave

4. Kabayan Weaving Arts & Crafts

Town Kabayan Ikat

Kabayan Weaving Arts & Crafts is a community-based initiative set up for culture promotion and livelihood for the community. More: Kabayan Weaving Arts & Crafts

5. Timbac Burial Cave

Town Kabayan Timbac Sign

Timbac burial cave is one of Kabayan’s burial grounds at an of elevation of 2500 MASL. More: Timbac Burial Caves

6. Tinongchol Burial Rock

Town Kabayan Tinongchol

Tinongchol Burial Rock is a man-made burial site made by Ikabayans for their deceased. More: Tinongchol Burial Rock

7. Pyrite Stones

Town Kabayan Tangkiyal

Pyrite, locally known as tangkiyal is commonly found in the river beds of Kabayan. More at Pyrite Stones.*** -Louella Pader

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