Their dreams always go back home

Their dreams always go back home
Goshen Land CEO- President Alexander Bangsoy teaching OFWs in Italy on investment and financial literacy through his free entrepreneurship seminar.***JD

At Goshen land, we believe that to dream is free. Here are some OFW’s dreams:

Nerissa Lacbaen, an OFW in Singapore is particularly looking forward to good things this year because she has decided to spend for herself this year by purchasing a condominium at The Courtyards. She grew up in the squatter’s area near the Convention Center in Baguio City and she remembers living in fear at the possibility that the city demolition team would destroy the barong-barong (simple hut or cabin) she called home. She had always wanted to own a house and through Goshen Land she hopes to achieve this dream soon at the age of 27.
Tholitz Quindara Sardena, another OFW, hopes to finally spend some time with his family soon. This dream has gone unfulfilled for years since he went to Qatar in search of greener pastures. Seeing their families and being together with them is a dream shared by many Filipino’s working abroad. It is what fuels them to work harder.

Their dreams always go back home
Maribel Agpaoa inside her work space in a Kuwait hospital.***JD

Maribel Agpaoa has been a nurse in Kuwait for a number if years. She hopes for continued health and happiness for herself and for her children. She looks forward to prosperity through Goshen Land’s properties as she juggles her hospital duties and her responsibilities as a Goshen Land Sales Referrer.

A new year has come and along with it are hopes and dreams held dearly by all of us. Some think, of it as a clean slate, a chance to start over again. Some see it as the culmination of years of hard work, a chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Others see it as a beginning, a chance to grow and do something differently. However we see it, 2914 will surely hold something good for all of us, and along with this hope is the perseverance to live our lives with purpose and meaning. ***Flynn Ayugat, JD

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