A Convenient Place for Commercial Establishments

North Cambridge
North Cambridge masterplanned communities***

More people are looking into places where one can shop, dine and unwind near their place of residence because of the heavy traffic going to the city’s central business district. There’s one convenient place here in Baguio where one can shop, dine, and unwind without leaving his area of residence. North Cambridge Wharton offers commercial spaces that can be leased out by investors to locate their own startup business. North Cambridge Wharton is part of the North Cambridge master planned communities located at Bakakeng Sur, Baguio City. It is just beside the Saint Louis University (SLU) Maryheights Campus.

North Cambridge tenants and unit owners
There are 700 tenants and unit owners in Harvard and Princeton which can also be tapped as potential target market for commercial spaces to be put up in Wharton.***

Bakakeng, North Cambridge’s location, is a rising market since it is where SLU is located. Population of students in SLU Bakakeng campus is around 8,000. At North Cambridge Harvard and Princeton, there are 700 tenants and unit owners which can also be potential target market. Wharton residential units will be turned over to its unit owners on the first quarter of 2016. Tenants and unit owners which is estimated to be at 400 residents in Wharton is an additional target market for businesses in its commercial spaces.

And there is a need for establishments to cater the needs of students and residents in Bakakeng. Businesses put up in North Cambridge Wharton’s commercial spaces can also cater to residents in adjoining barangays of Camp 7, Marcos Highway, and Balacbac. Businesses put up in North Cambridge Wharton’s commercial spaces can be assured that there will be less competition since Martha Property Management and Goshen Land will not allow tenants and commercial unit owners with the same product or service line.*** –Eliza Erin Reyes

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