CEO Clinches Deal With Compassion

CEO Clinches Deal With Compassion
The facade of the new church and parsonage. Now built on the premium lot by Goshen Land.***

The pastor, Stephen Gomez was shedding tears, infront of his Baguio Christian Center congregation as he profusely thanked Goshen Land CEO and President Alexander Bangsoy and his company for being a blessing to him, his family and his church.

CEO Clinches Deal With Compassion
The new home of the pastor, the parsonage at the second floor of the new church built by Goshen Land.***

It was the inauguration of his newly built, sleek church building and parsonage or pastor’s quarters courtesy of Goshen Land. The newly built church located at a prime property in Trancoville, Baguio is the outcome of a good, though protracted deal negotiated by Goshen Land CEO Alexander Bangsoy last year.
The pastor’s new, concrete, well built church with his parsonage on the second floor where his family now resides is a testament of how Goshen Land’s CEO made a painstaking breakthrough deal with the pastor and the owner of the premium lot behind his old church which cannot be disposed of by the owner for 32 years because it doesn’t have any access.

CEO Clinches Deal With Compassion
The old church and parsonage. Behind it is the premium lot that it used to block.***

The Goshen Land CEO offered to give the pastor and his congregation the same 460 square meter lot that his old church building occupies but relocated at the premium property and provide him with a better, modern church building and parsonage all at the expense of Goshen Land. When the construction of the new church building hit a snag, Goshen Land shouldered the P20k monthly rent of the church in a temporary center for several months.
The premium property, owned by a prominent political family in the Philippines had always been on sale for decades but no buyer in his right mind wants to take it because it doesn’t have a right of way. This started a pingpong of unresolved negotiations for decades until the owner of the premium lot got older. With Goshen Land’s breakthrough deal, the old owner of the lot and his family now enjoy its payment and the pastor is happy with his new home and new church. “It was a win-win deal for all stakeholders,” the Goshen Land CEO said. ***JD/acb,hds

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