Blue Ridge Mountains Saves 14 Hectares As Green Zone

Blue Ridge Mountains Saves 14 Hectares As Green Zone
Goshen Land scholars carry coffee seedlings to their Coffee Trail Project at the Green Zone of Blue Ridge Mountains.***

While some Manila developers who came to Baguio were criticized for being carpet baggers, Goshen Land , a homegrown investment property developer is saving 14 hectares as a green zone of its Blue Ridge Mountains development that straddles Baguio and La Trinidad.
Alexander Bangsoy, Goshen Land CEO and President said the 14 hectares will form part of the open, green zone space of the development for the residents of Blue Ridge Mountains to have a piece of the old Baguio. “No other developer in Baguio could set aside a large portion of his private property for a green, open space but it is the right thing to do for Goshen Land,” Bangsoy said.
With the limited land area in Baguio that is buildable which drives real estate property prices up, Goshen Land’s 14 hectares of open, green space zone is a luxury for property owners at the Blue Ridge Mountains. This makes Blue Ridge Mountains a coveted residential investment property of Goshen Land because families could freely use the 14 hectare open, green space zone for their recreation and well being.
The Blue Ridge Mountain green space zone is also beside the Coffee Trail project of Goshen Land Caring Hands (GLCH) meant to help indigent kids in school under GLCH’s scholarship and grassroots football program. GLCH is Goshen Land’s entrepreneurial social responsibility arm that looks after mostly public school kids in Baguio and La Trinidad through its holistic program of life coaching, scholarships, mentoring, tutorials, counseling, life and care assistance for street kids who decide to be under the GLCH program and grassroots football program.
Blue Ridge Mountains residential investment property owners can enjoy family picnics in its terraced picnic areas, enjoy the views on the park benches and use the Cordilleran inspired amphitheater or recreation hall for family gatherings. A nice sweat while playing ball sports in the courts at the Blue Ridge Mountains with the cold mountain air strengthening the immune system of residents is a luxury while most people elsewhere in the city are stressed out with the daily bustle.
Blue Ridge Mountains, barring none is the best place now in Baguio for a refreshing mountain top residence.***Louella Marie Pader/JD

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