BLISTT Development to boost La Trinidad economy

BLISTT Development to boost La Trinidad economy
La Trinidad Trading center. Mountain produce gets traded in bulk at LaTrinidad.***

The recent revitalization of the Baguio, La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba, Tublay (BLISTT) project looks forward to decentralize, decongest and extend development from Baguio City outwards. According to NEDA, this opens La Trinidad as a secondary center and alternative, and expansion of industrial, educational, business and residential area for Baguio residents and other migrants. This scenario is starting to take place in La Trinidad as a center and likewise BPO firms are already operating in the said town. There is also an increased presence of restaurants, banks, transportation facilities and government offices. The old La Trinidad Trading Post is now being expanded to a wider space at the swamp area.

The BLISTT development project will also cause better migration possibilities in the towns surrounding Baguio City. With better infrastructures and new business opportunities plus more tourists, who wouldn’t consider moving to a town with constant and long term growth? It will be a good economic development that benefits all the involved parties.
One of the primary benefits of this project would be better accessibility for all the stakeholders. This project involves connecting all the 128 barangays to the surrounding towns of Benguet through constructing and improving roads. This would benefit town like La Trinidad which trades goods like vegetables and fruits. It would also contribute to a greater impact on tourism. Imagine the town filling with tourists and various travellers. It can be very beneficial not only to the big businesses but also to small and medium enterprises.

La Trinidad is also known as the marketing arm of the Province of Benguet with annual gross sales of 60.5 billion form the different commercial and manufacturing businesses. La Trinidad remains to be an agricultural area with urbanization fast creeping in the valley area.

La Trinidad, a first class municipality is the capital of Benguet. It is the Strawberry Bowl of the Philippines and is part of Metro Baguio and BLISTT.

With the BLISTT finally taking off, more benefits will arise and therefore more growth will materialize in the years to come. Through BLISTT, locals can expect more economic opportunities in the future. *** Kristine Mae Gacer, JD

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