Bakakeng: Baguio’s Emerging Central Business District

Bakakeng - NC Wharton
North Cambridge Wharton

More and more businesses are emerging outside of Baguio’s central business district. An example would be in the Bakakeng area where Saint Louis University relocated its School of Administration and Business Management triggering start-up businesses in Bakakeng to surface. Saint Louis University Bakakeng Campus has a population of more than 9,000 college students. Within the last few years, there have been a lot of businesses sprouting in Bakakeng area to cater to the needs of the students.

Bakakeng -Pila
SLU students patiently waiting for their ride. They are the almost 9,000 potential market for the North Cambridge Wharton Commercial.

North Cambridge Wharton commercial is a perfect place to start a business. One can either purchase a commercial unit or have it leased. If one prefers to lease out the unit, the leasing rate starts at P500 per square meters exclusive of common use service area (CUSA). North Cambridge Student condominium community is located just right beside Saint Louis University –Bakakeng Campus.  

Starting a business at North Cambridge Wharton has a ready market of around 700 tenants and unit owners of North Cambridge. All residential units at North Cambridge are now sold out. Aside from the unit owners and tenants of North Cambridge, the students of SLU and Bakakeng residents are also potential clients of the commercial units at Wharton.  Camp 7, Monticello Subdivision, and Petersville Subdivision residents are also among the untapped market of the commercial units at North Cambridge for convenience and less traffic. Some yuppies and tourists are also looking for new places to hang out in Baguio City if one creates a new hangout place at Wharton Commercial they will eventually have a bigger potential market.  

North Cambridge condominium community provides 24-hour security. Other amenities included are swimming pool, Wi-Fi in common areas, elevators, genset, Sewage treatment plant and parking spaces. The condominium buildings and commercial common areas are fully maintained by Martha., Goshen Land’s Property Management. North Cambridge commercial units are fully fitted with tiled floors, glass doors, and panels. Common restrooms are also provided. ***Harriet Dale Sagorsor

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