Ayyoweng Festival at Tadian, Mt. Province: A Celebration Of Creativity and Tradition

It was a festival like no other that city-jaded residents should experience at least once in their lifetime. Devoid of commercialized festival staging, it was a  joy to see the various grassroots communities and families pitching in for the success of the festival. From the grand kids to parents to grandparents, each one took up a responsibility to contribute for the greater good. This community-based Ayyoweng Festival must be the standard of all the region’s festivals, so our festivals in the mountains will remain distinct.***

The Igorots of Tadian have a distinct creativity. They harvested the barks of a native tree and turned it into vests, G-strings and head bands.***









My Tadian Broadway. Grandparents perform an ethnic broadway show during the festival.***









This is culture. It is lived and caught while young.***









Tadian Igorots’ creativity knows no bounds.***









After his speech, Goshen Land CEO Atty Alexander Bangsoy was given the native woven Tadian head dress by Mayor Wooden.***









The young turks’ own ethnic Broadway.***









Tadian Mayor Anthony Wooden with Ayyoweng guest speaker Atty.
Alexander Bangsoy.***









They love their gadgets in the mountains.***



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